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Encounter with God weekend

Every couple months, the church does what we call an encounter with God weekend. During this encounter, new believers are completely immersed in Godly teaching, fellowship,intense inner healing and freedom from sin. It’s a truly amazing experience, and people always return completely on fire for God! We love it!
Until now, Erin and I have been constantly sending new believers. Sending meaning preparing them and helping them pay their way as it costs about $60 per person.
As more and more people get saved, it has become harder for us to financially help more people. So I wanted to give YOU a chance to help us send more new believers to these fantastic encounter retreats.
I would like to challenge you to “adopt a convert” by helping them financially cover the cost of this life-changing experience.
If you can help, please let us know!! Together we can go much farther!

Our email: iehubers@yahoo.com

Doing our part!
Isaiah, Erin, and Noah


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