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a little African surprise:)

In addition to all of unexpected events we encountered in Africa, the most excited was finding out that I (Erin) was pregnant 3 days after getting to Africa! We spent the first couple weeks getting used to the idea and by that time nausea took over making it more believable:) Now, being back in Brazil and not having the threat of malaria, food poisoning and a crazy schedule, we’ve been able to take a deep breath and really get excited about welcoming a new member to our family. We are expecting the baby sometime around the first week of May, which means only 1 more week until the 2nd trimester! We are excited that now is God’s timing for this baby and can’t wait to see what the future will bring.


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Mozambique, Malawi, South Africa

Home at last, but praise God for a blessed trip.  We have literally driven every good road, and maaaaany terrible roads in Mozambique.  We actually almost didn’t go; only 3 days before our departure, I (Isaiah) fractured a vertebrae and spent the night in the emergency room!  But God obviously really wanted us to go, because the very next day I was already able to sit up and even walk a little.  It was such a miracle!

Although the trip was exhausting, we learned bucket-fulls about the Mozambican culture, needs, church growth, and ahh the wonderful bureaucracy, or shall I say “bureaucrazy”!   For example, we were working with a well-drilling team who’s goal was to fix 103 wells while working along-side the local church.  They prepared all the legal documents, recieved permission from the government, paid the fees, and talked to all the right people.  The preparation alone took more than a year. When we arrived, ready to work, they local government hassled the team for an entire week and half, not allowing us to help their own country!!

Another time, I (Isaiah) was almost forced to remain in between Malawi and Mozambique because the border official was absolutely convinced that it was illegal to possess two different passports.  What is super hilarious (now) was the ‘smirk of power’ that jumped onto his face as he threw my Brazilian passport deep into a dusty drawer of his desk and slammed it shut, saying I was in trouble.  But after hours of debating in Portuguese and lots of prayer, he embarrassingly realized his error and allowed me my freedom.

Besides working with the well-drilling team and Erin getting lost in a village for over an hour, we were both asked to preach at a local church, taught lots of health and hygiene, and were able to join up with our PAZ survey team which included Jeff and Becky Hrubik, our PAZ international directors.  With them we visited several ministries and possible areas for future PAZ churchplanting!  How exciting!!

Wow, that got long fast, but there’s so much to say!  We love you so much and ask for your prayers as we continue our work here in Fortaleza!  We really love and miss you!


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Once again God has amazed us!  He has such fantastic plans for our lives, that we sometimes find ourselves holding on for dear life. 

We are so excited to be in Fortaleza, Brazil.  We know that we are right where God wants us to be right now.  We were able to rent a house, so now we are making friends, learning better Portuguese, getting involved in cell groups and church, and busy fixing up the house to make it livable and comfortable for company!  We were able to visit a favela (slum) where we hope God will open doors for us to work in the future.

Another exciting piece of news is that we were invited to go on a vision/mission trip to Mozambique, Africa.  As many of you know, Mozambique is our “final destination” in a sense, we’re not sure what God’s timing is, possibly 3-6 years from now.  Our purpose in coming to Brazil is to work alongside one of PAZ’s church plants, help grow the church and learn, learn, learn as much as we can about how to start church planting from zero. 

In order for us to better prepare for Mozambique in the future, we came to the conclusion with our leaders that now is a good time to accompany them on a vision trip to spy out the land.  So on August 24th, we are going to Africa and will be back in early October. 

We will be driving up and down the entire country of Mozambique which will take about 5 to 6 days each way, helping a missions team drill water wells for villages without clean water, and doing health clinics.  We will also be able to visit a couple different ministries in Mozambique and survey the country for a prime location to start our first church and familiarize ourselves with the different needs and challenges we will face there in the future.

Please PRAY for our safety and health!  Malaria is rampant and thieves are countless.  But God will keep us in the palm of His hand.  Also pray that God will take care of all the financial part of this trip, as it’s not the cheapest place to fly to.  Finally, pray for wisdom and discernment as we discover God’s exciting plans for our future and His heart for Mozambique.

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One fantastic year of marriage

Well, we made it folks, we’ve been married for an entire year now!!  Who knew that time could fly so fast.  It seems only yesterday that I found myself crying with joy and disbelief at how blessed I was to have the privilege of marrying such an amazing woman who loves God so obviously in all that she does.  Our 1st year anniversary was on the 16th of May, and what an amazing year it has been.  A lot has changed!!

We are beginning to learn our way around Fortaleza, and are getting involved in the church.  We are still looking and applying for a house to rent.  Please pray with us that God will provide the perfect place for us to live.

One last note is that because it is so difficult for Brazilians to pronounce Erin’s name, we decided that she will go by her middle name, Nicole, since it’s also a beautiful name and more common here in Brazil, making it much easier for everybody to pronounce and remember.

Running the Race,

Isaiah and Erin (Nicole 🙂 Huber

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we’re OFF to Brazil!

I hope you are extremely excited to be a part of the fantastic things God is doing all over the world.  I know we are!  We scraped up the money and bought our tickets to Brazil!  We leave May 2nd, will be moving down indefinitely, and are really looking forward to the many things that are in store for us upon arrival.

We have been invited to join the church-planting team in Fortaleza, lead by my Uncle Abe Huber, who is my dad’s younger brother.   We’ll be leading and multiplying cell groups, teaching, and discipling young adults and newlyweds.   Erin’s main occupation will of course be learning the Portuguese language.  I will be helping her with that as much as I can but ideally we plan on hiring a Portuguese tutor. 

We have many plans and ideas for advancing the kingdom of God in Fortaleza, but we want to first discuss these in depth with Pr. Abe and will be letting you know what they are as they become possibilities.  We will also be traveling to the Amazon Region periodically to help lead evangelistic construction and medical teams up the Amazon River.  In fact, we’ll be jumping over there already in June for that very purpose.

Right now we are preparing to make the big move.  We are selling and giving away our things, letting people know what our plans are, and raising prayer and financial support.  I’m not going to be shy, we need your help.   We have raised about a quarter of the recommended monthly support for a married couple to live in Fortaleza.  I just ask you to prayerfully consider being a monthly contributor as an investment into our lives and God’s kingdom.

Giving monthly is super easy with the recurring withdrawal option; you don’t even have to write checks if you don’t want to!  Click on the “Give Online”  link on the side.  Of course you’ll get a tax-deductable receipt.

Well, please pray for us as we are a little nervous; it’s not easy to say goodbye.  This is a giant step of faith for us, but we know it’s worth it.

In His Grip,

Isaiah and Erin Huber


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New beginnings and future plans!

Well, WE DID IT!  We got married and it was fantastic!  After our two-week honeymoon in Maui, we are currently in California until we leave to go back to Brazil.  Our leave date is set for January of 2010 and we are as excited as you can imagine!

wedding day!I am currently a youth pastor and Erin, who graduated from BIOLA University last year and got her degree in nursing, is working in the Emergency Room in Los Angeles as a Registered Nurse.  This is excellent training for missionary nursing, which has always been one of her goals!

We are in the middle of the application process for Erin’s permanent Brazilian visa.  Please pray for that to go smoothly!  Usually it’s quite difficult to attain, but because she married a Brazilian citizen (yehaw!) it should make the process much faster.

And finally we are working on prayer cards to send out to YOU!  We covet your prayers as the day for us to go back to Brazil quickly approaches.  We have a lot to do and a lot of monthly financial support to raise!!  But God is faithful and will provide… maybe through you!  If you feel like partnering with us as we pursue God’s calling, don’t let anything stop you from taking that step of faith.   It’s because of your prayers and support that God’s kingdom advances all over the world!

In His Grip,

 Isaiah and Erin

Brazil, here we come!

Brazil, here we come!


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posts from former blog (old ones)

Friday, May 1, 2009

Well hello hello!!
Not wanting to bore you with extensive detail, I’ll keep it anti-lengthy… and for that, you’re welcome 😉
here’s the update: I’M GETTING MARRIED and I’m ridiculously excited! I know I’ve already told the news, but just thought you should know that I’ll be a married man in 14 days, and that you are invited! Here’s a link that will tell you more about the wedding:
Quick prayer requests:
-all the details and arrangements for the fun wedding
-miraculous providence, that God would continue opening doors, even financial doors (marriage will change some things, ex: my rent will tripple!)
-wisdom in fund raising as we will be eventually heading back to Brazil as full-time missionaries with Project Amazon.
I LOVE watching God at work as He challenges and uses His people! We are earnestly seeking to please Him and make His grace known. Let’s keep up the good fight and continue to allow God to stretch us and use us to accomplish His good, pleasing and perfect will! yeehaww!
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Thursday, January 29, 2009

i’ll start off with the most fantastic news: YES!! for those of you who don’t know and for those that do: I’m officially engaged!
yes it’s true, and i have the priviledge of being engaged to the most beautiful girl that ever walked this planet, erin kleinjan, who i actually met in japan about 9 years ago in high school. she also is a missionary kid who’s parents are still serving God in Japan.i proposed to her on January 20th, we drove a little way up the beautiful california coast by motorcycle, stopped at our favorite beach, had a picnic, explored, climbed a huge rock that was basicallly surrounded by ocean, and during the spectacular west coast sunset, at the peak of the rock, i asked her… and she said yes!
and some of you are wondering, “where are you?” well, in my last update i was making a transition, and right now i am in californi. our main purpose, (mine and erin’s) is to pay off her schools loans, get married, and raise prayer/financial support in order for us to be able to go back to Brazil as full-time missionaries with PAZ (
erin is working full-tiime, she is a nurse in the E.R. at a hosptial in whittier. she always has the craziest stories! and i am working 3 part-tiime jobs, each one includes working with young people. serving as a youth pastor while i’m here is proving to be excellent training for what we’ll be doing in Brazil! We are doing our best to get those loans paid off, and the monthly support raised, and with your help, it will be accomplished!!
thankyou so much for your “rediculously cool” particicpation in this amazing group:) i would love to hear from you, hope your year has started out well.
running the race,
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Monday, September 1, 2008

Dear Friends and Relatives,

Right now, for the past week, I have been helping care for my Grandpa here in Parentins, who, two days ago, has gone to be with Jesus. I stayed up with him all night, during which he slipped into a coma, and stopped breathing around 8:30am. He was buried yesterday in Santarem in the same cemetary as my grandma and dad. I really respect him so much, because without Grandpa and Grandma, Project Amazon would not even exist. Please pray for my family as we lean on God all the more during this time.

In August, I moved from Santarem to Fortaleza (by motorcycle and boat–a five-day trip!) I am very excited because God has given me the amazing, rare privilege of being mentored by my Uncle Abe, who I respect very much as an uncle and also as a very amazing church-planter! The church in Fortaleza, which he and Aunt Andrea and their team started less than 3 years ago, has already grown to over 1,500 members. Before coming to Fortaleza, Uncle Abe was the main pastor in Santarem for about 30 years. He trained many other leaders, and even though he left to start a new church, the church in Santarem did not suffer–it contines to explode. You can see the latest developments there at:

Uncle Abe holds yearly conferences for hundreds of pastors who come from other cities in Brazil and even from other countries, to pass on to them what God has taught him about church-planting, small groups, one-on-one discipleship and leadership training. He is on demand as a speaker, and travels a lot to train others pastors and churches. I plan to learn all I can and fit right into the vision that God has given to him! I have spent several weeks in his home now with his loving family. He has been like a father to me. I have already learned a lot, and I plan to learn all I can, starting from the bottom up, with a servant heart.

Fortaleza is a city of about 3 million people. Uncle Abe wants me to concentrate on the youth ministry of the church, under the leadership of their youth pastor, Pastor Sandro. (Pastor Sandro was initially discipled by my dad, and after Dad died, has been being discipled for many years by my Uncle Abe.) There are thousands of youth in this city, and he is full of vision for how to reach them. I want to learn all I can from him too.In a couple of weeks, I will be leaving to the USA to try to raise some support for my living expenses and ministry here in Fortaleza. Obviously this is an amazing opportunity, and I really thank God! He is so faithful and good!

Much Love in Christ,Isaiah Huber

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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Wow, it’s definitely time for another off-the-wall update!
I’ve had a super busy last couple of months! We often have construction or medical teams come down here to the Amazon. These are teams who want to help us in forwarding the Gospel in different ways and methods, such as providing medical care for river communities that don’t have that privilege, and helping the community build their own Bible-believing church.
I helped lead a team to a village called Aritapera, where we worked on a wooden church. Because of the high water, (it’s the rainy season) the village was completely flooded. All the houses are on stilts, as is the church. Because of this, if anybody fell, they would fall right into the water… and this really did happen a couple times! We also held an evangelistic outreach which was a very blessed time to share the love of Jesus to the village.
After that, I helped lead another team to a village called Miri, where we did similar work, but on solid ground this time and the church being a brick building. There we also installed water filters, and treated a huge number of sick people, as well as providing dental care. And of course we did house visits, evangelizing, and caring for specific needs.
The most recent news, PAZ just held our annual huuuuuuge evangelistic outreach. It’s a 3-nigt outreach, and is so big, we have to use our city’s soccer stadium! People come the thousands to hear the Word of God, worship, and see dramas. I played the part of Jesus in the final drama which was about Judgment Day. I was lowered in on a huge crane and “judged the nations”. It was a powerful three nights!! On average, about 1000 people total give their lives to Christ every time this outreach is done. There are some great pictures at

Anyway, as time rolls on, the Lord has begun to bring back to life an old dream of mine: to reach out to different cultures, within the Brazilian culture that are extremely difficult to get their attention using common methods. Cultures such as the street culture in a larger city, and rebellious youth that want nothing to do with Jesus. Please pray with me as I plan and pray about this new opportunity in a large city in Brazil called Fortaleza. I want to use the skill and ability He has given me for His glory and to reach as many as possible, using un-common methods such as extreme sports etc. I want to be wise and courageous, and I know God has fantastic things planned for the youth of Fortaleza.

Right now, I’m still working here in the Amazon, but I’ll keep you updated on these new ideas that God continues to show us.

Go after the lost with everything you have!!!

running the Race,
Isaiah Huber

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Thursday, April 24, 2008

So with over 40 people at the multiplication celebration last night of just ONE cell group, things were just a little … uh, chaotic!! But it was a fun and happy chaos. It was wonderful to see so many people that are excited about how fast the cell group has grown and that are catching the vision to reach as many as possible. The party was so full of life that we had numerous people that were just walking by, come in and join us!
Please pray for the many visitors that came who do not yet know Jesus. I’m doing my best to follow up and challenge them. Pray that none be lost, but each discipled and cared for. Each has so much potential!
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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Ok, when in Brazil, play soccer… our team: our cell group!! We accepted the challenge, and had tons of fun!

In other news, I went on an encounter with God weekend, and took two of my disciples with me. We were all radically challenged. It was completely awesome to see God at work in their lives. Cerrão, who recently gave his life to Jesus, had his whole world changed around. Just a few months ago he wasn’t even a Christian, and knew practically nothing about Jesus. Today is my most faithful disciple, completely on fire for God, already has one of his own disciples, and cannot stop talking about his new relationship with God to everyone he knows! There really is nothing better in this world than seeing radical transformation in somebody’s life. Cerrão is desperately seeking God, and is already being trained to eventually lead a cell group (small group/ Bible study) of his own. And thus the multiplication begins!
Speaking of multiplication, today our cell group is having a huge multiplication celebration!! The group has grown so much, we are going to start meeting in two groups!! Please pray for the new leaders of the new group, and the new group as a whole. And that God will give us wisdom as more and more people come and are saved. Our goal is that none turn away, and that all are followed up, kept accountable, challenged and discipled!

You are all fantastic! I love you so much it’s ridiculous.
love, isaiah

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