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Don’t cut off our water!

So here’s an interesting story.  Every month we receive our water bill in our mail box.  This bill must be paid or else the water supply will be cut off until all is paid in full.  Well, there’s an option to have it automatically debited from your bank account so you don’t have to worry about it every month.  For some reason, I assumed I had already set this up when we traveled to the United States last year, but, in reality, I hadn’t.

When we arrived home from our trip, we were soon visited by two workers from the local water company informing us that they were at our house to cut off our water supply!!  I responded, “Wait wait, haven’t I been faithfully paying our bill online”?  When they responded with a big negatory, I quickly checked, realized my error, paid my bill online, and printed the receipt.  When I showed them all was paid and apologized for my mistake, they looked relieved and happily informed us that we could continue with our water as normal.

We took advantage of this special situation, as usual, and told them about church and the cell group that meets at our home.  We invited them but tried not to get our hopes up.  But sure enough, one of the workers showed up to cell group with his wife!!  We were very pleasantly surprised.  A couple weeks later, the other worker shows up!!  And a few weeks later his wife decides she too wants to follow Jesus and now is also coming.  Praise God!!

These two couples are among our most faithful disciples and are on fire for Jesus.  They are now beginning to help us lead some other cell groups and disciple other new believers!!  Isn’t God fantastically amazing?!!  YEEHAAWW!!

This is the life

The two workers from the water company!


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What happened in 2011 and pictures!

Here’s a quick synopsis of what has happened in our lives in 2011.

Ministry-wise, we started out the year getting involved in cell groups and beginning to disciple some new believers.  We were faithful members of the cell group and helped it grow until it multiplied and we became the leaders of a new cell group at our own house.  Praise the Lord that this new cell group also grew and new leaders were raised up so that it has multiplied as well.  Long story short: we are now leading and supervising 4 healthy cell groups.  Some of these will multiply now in January and the total number will be 7.

Please continue to pray with us that many lives will be saved and well taken care of.  Pray also for our disciples that they will continue to grow in intimacy with Christ!

Family-wise, we have a beautiful, healthy baby boy named Noah.  He is now 8 months young!  We have been able to see both our families this year and many friends, which has been very encouraging.  Erin is learning how to speak Portuguese very well!  After Noah’s birth, finding time to study the language has been a real challenge, but she gets lots of practice through discipling and counseling numerous women.

Fund-raising-wise, God has blessed us with faithful supporters who truly care about us.  We are currently still in need of an additional $450 per month.  If God is speaking to you about partnering with us in this area as well, please feel free to hear and obey 😉

We are sincerely thankful for all our supporters and we pray for you often.  May God give you a very blessed new year and may you grow even closer and more intimate with Jesus!   Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

We love you so much!!