About Us

I (Isaiah), son of PAZ founders Luke and Christine Huber, was born and raised in the heart of the Amazon. Growing up surrounded by the exciting PAZ vision, it is no wonder that I plan to go back to Brazil to serve as a long-term missionary along with my wife Erin, carrying on what my dad started.

During high school, I found myself in Japan, where I met my wife, Erin! Here I was blessed to learn a new language and culture. Because of the drastic change in lifestyle, culture, and mission strategy between the Amazon Basin and Tokyo, I was able to broaden my perspective of how missions can be done.  

                               Isaiah & Erin Huber

 From there, I continued my training and preparation for missions by joining Youth With A Mission (YWAM). After a year of learning and working with YWAM, based out of Maui, I earned a BA in Biblical studies from Life Pacific College, with a minor in cross-cultural ministry. During this time I also got my pilot’s license, flying out of Long Beach Airport and Santa Monica Airport. I then moved from the west coast to the east coast and went on to get my MA in teaching English as a foreign language at Columbia International University.

I began serving with Project AmaZon in late 2007 where I came full circle to live in Santarém, where I grew up. For almost a year, I kept very busy primarily with cell groups, raising up and discipling future Brazilian leaders, and helping lead and coordinate PAZ church construction projects that are constantly springing up all over the Amazon Basin.

And I (Erin) was also born to missionary parents, but on an Indian reservation.  My family and I moved to Japan as full-time missionaries when I was ten years old.  After high-school, I got my Bachelor’s degree in nursing from BIOLA University and have been training for missions by working as a Registered Nurse in the Emergency Room in Los Angeles.

Currently we are missionaries with PAZ in Fortaleza, Brazil, where Pr. Abe Huber is the pastor of a thriving PAZ church plant.  We will also continue to periodically help and lead teams in the Amazon Basin.   We are raising much needed support as the cost of living is high in Fortaleza, so consider partnering with us to see Brazil won for Christ!