The BIG move!!

WOW!! The time has finally arrived! We are starting a new church in the biggest city in Brazil: São Paulo!
On Monday we begin our 20 day road trip from Fortaleza to São Paulo. We have been dreaming about this for many years! Here in Fortaleza we have finally transitioned our network and cell groups to our disciples who will carry on the explosive growth, winning Fortaleza for Jesus!

Together with a large team of pastors and volunteers, we will begin another missionary minded church in the heart of Brazil. We are facing many challenges, but we know God is going before us and preparing the way!
Please pray for us!  

1. For protection on our journey down

2. that we will find the perfect apartment to rent

3. continued financial provision! São Paulo is a more expensive place to live, and since the voltage is different there, we will have to purchase new appliances.  
If you feel led to partner with us by personally supporting us in prayer and financial help, give online by clicking the side bar!

Your prayer and support are making a HUGE difference!!!
much love,

Isaiah, Erin, Noah, and Bella

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