Redemptive Lift

Here’s a quick story about a new member of our church plant. Two Sundays ago, as I gave the alter call, we were thrilled to see Evaneira coming back to Jesus. She has quite a rough history including drug use in the past. She currently lives in a mud shack along with a man who is waiting for surgery because of a hernia, and an eight month old baby boy. When I saw her mud hut I could hardly believe that was her home. We knew something had to be done! So the local church family has gotten together and has already started to build this little family a simple but new little brick house. Take a look at these pictures below!   Evaneira helping clear the lot

 Her current home that is falling apart, made of mud and sticks

We feel privileged to not only bring the Good News about Jesus to this city, but also help care for people’s physical needs!  


Isaiah, Erin, Noah, and Bella Huber

Let’s go farther together!!

If you feel that God would have you help us to help build this house for this family please let us know or simply click here to donate!

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