Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas from the Hubers!!

2014 has been a year of growth in all areas of our life. Here is a quick synopsis of what we have been up to:

pasted-image-small-23Bella was born January 5. She is a sweet, smiley and all around happy baby. Noah has adjusted very well to being a big brother and is already a protective older brother.

Isaiah has continued to travel all around Brazil speaking at conferences and young adult camps. He is trying to travel a bit less to have more time to dedicate to the work here in Fortaleza but really enjoys encouraging the church around Brazil.


Our work with cell groups continues to grow but, of course, there are always challenges and problems to be solved. We are learning to depend more and more on the Lord’s leading in problem solving and continue to check our heart’s motivation remembering that this work is His before it is ours. Praise the Lord that we don’t have to have all of the answers! We currently provide spiritual pasted-image-small-26covering for 95 cell groups and two churches. We are blessed to have faithful and passionate disciples who help us supervise and take good care of those that God has put under our supervision!!

Noah started Brazilian preschool in July with the goal of him learning to speak Portuguese. It was a rough adjustment at first but he now pasted-image-small-19looks forward to going and is slowly beginning to understand more. We love hearing him beginning to speak Portuguese and now have to figure out which language he is speaking when we don’t understand something he says:)

Erin’s younger brother, Jesse, got married in October and we were able to go back to the U.S. to take part. When we got back to Brazil, Isaiah’s parents were here to visit. pasted-image-small-17As always we greatly enjoyed our time with family and friends. We especially loved getting to watch Noah and Bella with our parents, they sure love their grandparents!!

We began pastoring a satellite church in the greater Fortaleza metropolitan area called Itaitinga. It has been a great experience for us in learning all of the small details that are involved in pastoring a church.pasted-image-31

We are currently in the process of starting another satellite church that will be pastored by our disciples Marcio and Deborah. We have come across some complications with the building we were going to use, so please pray that God will miraculously provide a building for this new church and that we would be able to reach many new people in these new neighborhoods!!

We LOVE you so much!! MERRY CHRISTMAS from our little family to yours!! Isaiah, Erin, Noah, and Bella Huber

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