Baby and Peace Walk!!

There are some really exciting things going on here in Fortaleza these days! Too many to share in one post so I’ll hit just a couple. Number one, which most likely isn’t new news but I realized we hadn’t “blogged” it yet…a baby girl is joining our family the beginning of 2014!! We are so excited, especially now that I am finally feeling better and done with the whole head over the toilet phase. Noah is very cute and quite curious about the baby inside of mommy’s growing belly. I am also so excited to have a room to decorate for this little one since that wasn’t the case with Noah, God’s timing is perfect! Please pray for a healthy pregnancy and upcoming birth!!0000

The second bit of news is related to a peace walk we took part in a couple weekends ago. The last few months there have been more than 70 people, women, children, and men of ALL ages, killed in one of the neighborhoods close to our central church. We personally have about 10 cell groups located in this neighborhood. Most of the shootings are targeting specific people related to gangs and drug use but more often than not, innocent people who just happen to be in the way get injured or killed as well. Many families in this area have been literally under house arrest, afraid to open their doors and go outside for work, school, or church. Last Saturday we walked through the neighborhood with a couple hundred other people praying, singing worship songs, entering into houses to tell people about Jesus and inviting the people to join us walking and then for a worship service at the end. Mostly though throughout the walk people were praying and declaring that that neighborhood belonged to Jesus and a revival would take place! We walked right in front of some the homes that hold cell groups throughout the week. It was beautiful to see people open up and excited/touched that outsiders (to their community) would take the risk to come into their neighborhood to declare God’s love and take a stand for peace. Many people gave their lives to Jesus that night and we are just beginning to see the results of what God did that afternoon.

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