Multiplication, Baptisms, and Ministry in the Red-Light District

It’s been way to long since our last post! A lot has happened in the last 4 months so I’ll just give quick snapshots of what’s happened so doesn’t become a book:)

One of our cell groups once again grew to the point of needing to “multiply” into 2 groups so we had a big multiplication party to celebrate the new growth and put 2 of our disciples, Marcelo and Leidiane, whom we’ve been training, in leadership of the “new” group. There is now plenty of room for visitors in both groups and they are starting to grow quickly, praise the Lord for the spiritually hungry people He continues to bring to our doorstep.

In May we were able to go back to the States to participate in family reunions on both sides of the family. It was refreshing for both of us to take a break from our responsibilities here and enjoy some much needed time with family. We were also able to celebrate Noah’s first birthday surrounded by grandma, grandpa, aunt, uncles and cousins! It has been a bit challenging getting back in the swing of things here after being gone for a couple weeks but God’s grace has been spuring us on.

Friday night Erin and some of her disciples joined a couple other missionaries and went down to the the “red light” strip of Fortaleza to pray for and evangelize to prostitutes. The presence and leading of the Holy Spirit was very evident as He led them to a few girls who were wanting to change their live style and get out of prostitution. One girl especially stood out to Erin.  Claudia, who had only been on the streets for 5 days. She had been trying to make a living to support her 2 year old boy by other means but after her husband left her and there wasn’t enough food to feed her baby she was convinced by her sister that prostitution was the only answer. As they shared the love of Jesus with Claudia Friday night, her eyes began to slowly fill with hope. We’ll be calling Claudia to begin the process of helping her get out of prostitution, find another job, and hopefully start going to church/cell group with us! Please see Lorelie Barbutti’s blog,, to find out more about the prostitution ministry she’s starting here in Fortaleza.

This weekend there is another Encounter with God Retreat and 4 couples from our cell group will be participating. Please pray that God will use this retreat to speak to each of them and that each one will have a true life-changing encounter with God!

Thank you so much for your prayers and support of our ministry!! With love~ Isaiah, Erin, and Noah

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