Prayer Request

Just a quick update and prayer request. The Wednesday cell group in Messejana that was really struggling a couple months ago, has begun to change and grow. Praise the Lord that He has heard our prayers and is beginning to pour His mercy and grace on this little group. The cell group is located in a small, poor community with a desperate need for Jesus. There are many broken families due especially to drug use.

Last night, Cristina, a mother of three, came to cell group and sat wide eyed during the whole thing listening to people talk about our “Abba Father”, our loving heavenly Father who wants to have a relationship with us.  After the cell group, she opened up and shared that her mother recently passed away and her husband has been using drugs. He has been taking all of their family’s money to buy drugs and even selling items from their house when desperate. She began to cry as we shared with her that God has called us to her community for a reason and that He has not forgotten about her and her family.

Please pray with us that God will do a miracle in her life, that she will give her life over to Him, and that her husband will also realize the great need he has for Jesus. Praise the Lord that He is beginning to change this little community; we are so excited to see God at work after months of no growth!!

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