Victories and challenges

speaking at a young adult service

cell group beach party!

Noah getting ready to surf

Dear Friends and Family,
Today was our first day of rain in a long time. It was nice to have a touch of what almost seemed like fall weather. We have had an exciting and challenging last month continuing to catch up on our work here after our trip to the States. Isaiah especially has been busy. He has had the opportunity to lead a Bible study group at a nearby hospital made up of doctors and nurses during their lunch time. He has also been able to pray with patients and family members at the hospital. In addition he has been preaching more than normal this month at one of our church’s satellite campuses.
Two of our cell groups have been growing quickly and will soon be ready to multiply as there are too many people for one group. Please pray that God will show us who the leaders of the new cell groups should be. Our other cell group that takes place in one of the poorer communities of the city has been a challenge. It is located in the middle of a community filled with drug users and alcoholics where being a Christian is not easy. We never know what to expect Wednesday nights! We have recently been really challenging the group to step up and really make a firm decision to follow Jesus with their entire lives and do whatever it takes to reach their community.
Last week we temporarily lost one of the members as she decided she wanted to live “in the world for the time being”. Please continue to pray for this group, that they will grow in intimacy with Christ and desire to share Him with their friends and family.
We are so grateful for the opportunity to be here in Brazil learning how to follow Jesus and make disciples, thank you so much for your support

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