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Back safely from dangerous U.S.A.

Haha well, not really thaaaaat dangerous, but we’re back never-the-less. We were really blessed with a wonderful time in the U.S. praise God. We were able to see so many of our precious family and friends. Here was our itinerary: BRAZIL – Denver – Chicago – Los Angeles – San Diego – Boston – Denver – BRAZIL!!!

Our purpose in going back to the U.S. for 5 weeks was not only to see family and friends, but also to raise some much needed prayer and financial support. It’s amazing how much life changes when you have a baby. Not only has our life changed, but also our budget!! Who knew such a little person could demand so much re-structuring! But we love having a son, love the changes, and welcome the new challenges!

We are now back in full swing in the ministry here in Fortaleza and absolutely loving it. While we were gone, some of our newest disciples and new believers got a little discouraged, but after LOTS of time and prayer with each of them, we are seeing them regain what was lost and grow from the experience, and now they are even stronger in Jesus name.

Please pray that people we are working with and discipling will become strong in the faith and spiritually mature Christians with intimate relationships with Jesus. Pray also for wisdom for us as we deal with complicated situations, financial support, supernatural energy, new strategies for reaching the lost, and of course for Noah.

We love you very much!!!

Isaiah, Erin, and Noah Huber


a new believer sharing her heart


one of Noah's favorite places


cell group at one of our disciples house


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