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Introducing Noah Isaiah Huber

Dear friends and family, we have had an exciting and eventful 2 months, the best news of course is that we are so excited and grateful to announce that we have a healthy, beautiful 2 month old son. Noah was born around 6 am May 9th, weighing 7 lb 10 oz and 19.7 inches. He was breech for the last 2 months of pregnancy and we were praying that he would turn so Erin wouldn’t have to have a c-section but he didn’t. We found out as he was being born that the umbilical cord was wrapped 2 times around his neck so God was protecting him by allowing Erin to have a c-section, praise the Lord! We were in and out of the hospital in 24 hours!

The entire birth process was amazing, we have loved being parents so far and enjoyed having my (Erin’s) mom and brother here to help. Recovery from the c-section was fairly quick and painless and Noah is a healthy boy, nursing a bunch and gaining weight. A few weeks after Noah was born we moved into another house (we were living with another couple and Isaiah’s cousin previously) and have mostly settled in now. We have a guest room just waiting for visitors!

We also had the amazing joy of being able to baptize 6 of our disciples last month. It was a beautiful day to be a part of as they declared their faith and new life in Jesus. On top of that, our cell group grew to the point that it was too big to meet all together and multiplied into 2 different groups. We are so excited to see how God is working, bringing more people to hear his word and drawing us all closer to Himself. We are continually being challenged as we disciple new couples and train leaders, we have a lot to learn!

We are waiting on Noah’s American passport to arrive before we book our tickets to go back to the states but are hoping to be travelling around California, Colorado and possibly a couple other states during August and September. We are hoping to see as many people as possible, please let us know if it will work to meet with you during that time!  We hope you are having a great summer. Sending love from Fortaleza,

Isaiah, Erin and Noah

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