Neighborhood Festa!!

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We have so much to be grateful for in these last 2 months and are anxiously awaiting the arrival of Noah as we write this post…any day now! The highlight of April was a neighborhood “festa” or party. Our cell group, along with some other Brazilians from a local church came to our house armed with food, balloons and hearts open to whatever God had in mind. We prayed together and then went out into the community (we live right next to a pretty poor but fairly safe neighborhood) inviting people over for food, prayer and testimonies. We were so excited to see at least 40 adults and kids come for a night that ended up changing most of our lives. It was beautiful to see our cell group reaching out and loving the people that came.  Many were able to share the Gospel and their own testimonies. We know at least 4 teenage girls accepted Christ and many said they were looking forward to coming to cell group the upcoming Thursday (tomorrow). One of Isaiah’s newest disciples, Branco, shared his testimony of how God has completely changed his life in the last few months as the crowd of people listened intently.  After everybody had gone home, our cell group stayed around to debrief and nobody wanted to stop sharing testimonies of how they had seen God work and how He had opened their eyes to a new world of reaching out and loving people. We went to bed that night so grateful and once again amazed at how much fun it is to watch God at work.

We have been so blessed to see the lives of our disciples being changed and touched by God in front of our eyes. One man who became a Christian a few months ago told us last week that he thinks God is calling him to missions and has recently been having vivid dreams about his future. Another who rededicated her life to Christ 5 months ago has begun to pray for people on the street for healing and is hoping to go to Bible school to get training for full time missions.  We have been blessed with disciples who are hungry and passionate to learn more about Christ and become more like Him.

Personally we are so excited for Noah to be born, his offical due date is May 2nd so any day now! He’s currently in the breech position and if he doesn’t turn by May 9th, Erin will have a c-section that day so please pray that he turns head down! We are excited to have Erin’s mom and brother come in a couple weeks to help out with the little one. Thank you so much for your prayers and support, we are so privileged to be able to live and work here in Brazil because of you!


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4 responses to “Neighborhood Festa!!

  1. Great pictures and so good to hear what God is doing in peoples lives- keep up the great work. Praying for you always-


  2. Megan

    Hey Erin and Isaiah… omg it’s so exciting to read about your lives right now. Seriously! And I can only imagine your anticipation for little Noah!!! omg. I didn’t know that your mom and Jesse are coming, Erin… When will they arrive? Is this the first time for them to visit? I’m praying for safety and health for all three of you! Love you guys.

    • Hey Megan! Yeah, it’s super exciting to be a part of what God is doing here, and we can’t wait for Noah!!! He will probably arrive on the 9th. I believe Erin’s mom and Jesse arrive on the 14th. Thank you for your prayers!

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