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beach evangelism

Aahhhh, so much is happening and it’s so exciting to be a part of it all and be used by God to do what we can and watch God transform lives. There are so many amazing testimonies of couples that were ready to separate and be done with the world and each other, but God is bigger than all of it and has completely changed and restored so many families who now are totally in love with each other and have made their family a priority!

receiving prayer to start a new cell group at our house

So many testimonies of people who were absolutely ruined by drugs, alcohol, and prostitution, but, again, God is bigger and has a plan for these people and has turned their lives around to be more than conquerors in Christ!!

Erin and I have been getting more and more busy making visits, discipling new

leading a Bible study at our house

converts (9 of our disciples have excepted Christ in the last few months!), training leaders, leading cell and evangelism groups, and a fantastic beach ministry reaching out to surfers….etc.   And we know that this is just the beginning.

our cell group!!!

Prayer requests:
–Wisdom and supernatural energy as we lead Bible studies, cell groups, pray with and give advice to new converts under our care
–Complete fluency in the Portuguese language
–Healthy and safe birth for the baby (Noah) due the beginning of May
–Added financial support with the arrival of our baby
–Protection from carjackings and hold ups
–God’s grace on us as we minister at different events

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