Mozambique, Malawi, South Africa

Home at last, but praise God for a blessed trip.  We have literally driven every good road, and maaaaany terrible roads in Mozambique.  We actually almost didn’t go; only 3 days before our departure, I (Isaiah) fractured a vertebrae and spent the night in the emergency room!  But God obviously really wanted us to go, because the very next day I was already able to sit up and even walk a little.  It was such a miracle!

Although the trip was exhausting, we learned bucket-fulls about the Mozambican culture, needs, church growth, and ahh the wonderful bureaucracy, or shall I say “bureaucrazy”!   For example, we were working with a well-drilling team who’s goal was to fix 103 wells while working along-side the local church.  They prepared all the legal documents, recieved permission from the government, paid the fees, and talked to all the right people.  The preparation alone took more than a year. When we arrived, ready to work, they local government hassled the team for an entire week and half, not allowing us to help their own country!!

Another time, I (Isaiah) was almost forced to remain in between Malawi and Mozambique because the border official was absolutely convinced that it was illegal to possess two different passports.  What is super hilarious (now) was the ‘smirk of power’ that jumped onto his face as he threw my Brazilian passport deep into a dusty drawer of his desk and slammed it shut, saying I was in trouble.  But after hours of debating in Portuguese and lots of prayer, he embarrassingly realized his error and allowed me my freedom.

Besides working with the well-drilling team and Erin getting lost in a village for over an hour, we were both asked to preach at a local church, taught lots of health and hygiene, and were able to join up with our PAZ survey team which included Jeff and Becky Hrubik, our PAZ international directors.  With them we visited several ministries and possible areas for future PAZ churchplanting!  How exciting!!

Wow, that got long fast, but there’s so much to say!  We love you so much and ask for your prayers as we continue our work here in Fortaleza!  We really love and miss you!


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5 responses to “Mozambique, Malawi, South Africa

  1. pam jacson

    LOVED your Mozi Kingdom Adventure Isaiah and Erin!!! could almost smell the smells and hear the laughter of those gorgeous Macua, Maconde, etc. etc. kids! Bless your hearts with MORE:direction, JOY, and TIME TO LISTEN!! Thanks for sharing…you are a beautiful Kingdom couple, by the way!! With King’LOVE, mama pamela and papa stephen

  2. Alanna

    We think about you guys a lot — so glad you are safe and sound. Can’t wait to hear about your next adventure!

  3. kumi

    i’m sooo overjoyed and stoked to read about your journey.. and excited for what He has in store for you two. love you!

  4. God bless U guys, you R strong because God open every single door in your way,

  5. Esther

    Wow! I loved your update! I’m assuming you got your Brazilian passport back, Isaiah? How’s Erin feeling? I’m so glad you guys had such an awesome time!! Love ya!!!

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