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Once again God has amazed us!  He has such fantastic plans for our lives, that we sometimes find ourselves holding on for dear life. 

We are so excited to be in Fortaleza, Brazil.  We know that we are right where God wants us to be right now.  We were able to rent a house, so now we are making friends, learning better Portuguese, getting involved in cell groups and church, and busy fixing up the house to make it livable and comfortable for company!  We were able to visit a favela (slum) where we hope God will open doors for us to work in the future.

Another exciting piece of news is that we were invited to go on a vision/mission trip to Mozambique, Africa.  As many of you know, Mozambique is our “final destination” in a sense, we’re not sure what God’s timing is, possibly 3-6 years from now.  Our purpose in coming to Brazil is to work alongside one of PAZ’s church plants, help grow the church and learn, learn, learn as much as we can about how to start church planting from zero. 

In order for us to better prepare for Mozambique in the future, we came to the conclusion with our leaders that now is a good time to accompany them on a vision trip to spy out the land.  So on August 24th, we are going to Africa and will be back in early October. 

We will be driving up and down the entire country of Mozambique which will take about 5 to 6 days each way, helping a missions team drill water wells for villages without clean water, and doing health clinics.  We will also be able to visit a couple different ministries in Mozambique and survey the country for a prime location to start our first church and familiarize ourselves with the different needs and challenges we will face there in the future.

Please PRAY for our safety and health!  Malaria is rampant and thieves are countless.  But God will keep us in the palm of His hand.  Also pray that God will take care of all the financial part of this trip, as it’s not the cheapest place to fly to.  Finally, pray for wisdom and discernment as we discover God’s exciting plans for our future and His heart for Mozambique.

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