One fantastic year of marriage

Well, we made it folks, we’ve been married for an entire year now!!  Who knew that time could fly so fast.  It seems only yesterday that I found myself crying with joy and disbelief at how blessed I was to have the privilege of marrying such an amazing woman who loves God so obviously in all that she does.  Our 1st year anniversary was on the 16th of May, and what an amazing year it has been.  A lot has changed!!

We are beginning to learn our way around Fortaleza, and are getting involved in the church.  We are still looking and applying for a house to rent.  Please pray with us that God will provide the perfect place for us to live.

One last note is that because it is so difficult for Brazilians to pronounce Erin’s name, we decided that she will go by her middle name, Nicole, since it’s also a beautiful name and more common here in Brazil, making it much easier for everybody to pronounce and remember.

Running the Race,

Isaiah and Erin (Nicole 🙂 Huber

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