we’re OFF to Brazil!

I hope you are extremely excited to be a part of the fantastic things God is doing all over the world.  I know we are!  We scraped up the money and bought our tickets to Brazil!  We leave May 2nd, will be moving down indefinitely, and are really looking forward to the many things that are in store for us upon arrival.

We have been invited to join the church-planting team in Fortaleza, lead by my Uncle Abe Huber, who is my dad’s younger brother.   We’ll be leading and multiplying cell groups, teaching, and discipling young adults and newlyweds.   Erin’s main occupation will of course be learning the Portuguese language.  I will be helping her with that as much as I can but ideally we plan on hiring a Portuguese tutor. 

We have many plans and ideas for advancing the kingdom of God in Fortaleza, but we want to first discuss these in depth with Pr. Abe and will be letting you know what they are as they become possibilities.  We will also be traveling to the Amazon Region periodically to help lead evangelistic construction and medical teams up the Amazon River.  In fact, we’ll be jumping over there already in June for that very purpose.

Right now we are preparing to make the big move.  We are selling and giving away our things, letting people know what our plans are, and raising prayer and financial support.  I’m not going to be shy, we need your help.   We have raised about a quarter of the recommended monthly support for a married couple to live in Fortaleza.  I just ask you to prayerfully consider being a monthly contributor as an investment into our lives and God’s kingdom.

Giving monthly is super easy with the recurring withdrawal option; you don’t even have to write checks if you don’t want to!  Click on the “Give Online”  link on the side.  Of course you’ll get a tax-deductable receipt.

Well, please pray for us as we are a little nervous; it’s not easy to say goodbye.  This is a giant step of faith for us, but we know it’s worth it.

In His Grip,

Isaiah and Erin Huber


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2 responses to “we’re OFF to Brazil!

  1. Rock on! We’ll see you soon down here!

  2. Claire

    May God bless you guys as you go on this amazing adventure! We’ll miss you guys though! May God speak his word through you!;)

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