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Feliz Natal!

       We have spent the last 3 months making frequent visits to the Brazilian consulate in Los Angeles attempting to get my (Erin’s) permanent Brazilian visa. We were warned before beginning the process that it would be long and tedious but we were hopeful that it would go smoothly. We were told that after turning in all of our paper work (a tiresome task in itself) we should receive the visa within 1-3 months, so we were planning on leaving in January for Brazil. After 8 trips to the consulate we were so excited to have all the papers together to turn in, only to be told that it would most likely take 3-6 months before we received the visa.  Apparently the process is longer if you have been married less than 5 years. Needless to say, we were disappointed but had been praying all along that God would show us when were suppose to go and trust that He has been leading the process.

         This past two weeks God has been revealing more of what He wants us to be a part of in Brazil. We are so excited to hear from Him after praying for His direction. Please pray with us that He will show us more details of His plan as the time draws nearer!

         While waiting to go back to Brazil, Isaiah is going to be getting his EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) license. We’re hoping he’ll be able to find a job for a couple months and get good experience that will be helpful in the future!

       Hope you see God’s hand at work during this Holiday Season! Merry Christmas~ Isaiah and Erin

(Picture to come as soon as Santa fixes our camera)

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