The BIG move!!

WOW!! The time has finally arrived! We are starting a new church in the biggest city in Brazil: São Paulo!
On Monday we begin our 20 day road trip from Fortaleza to São Paulo. We have been dreaming about this for many years! Here in Fortaleza we have finally transitioned our network and cell groups to our disciples who will carry on the explosive growth, winning Fortaleza for Jesus!

Together with a large team of pastors and volunteers, we will begin another missionary minded church in the heart of Brazil. We are facing many challenges, but we know God is going before us and preparing the way!
Please pray for us!  

1. For protection on our journey down

2. that we will find the perfect apartment to rent

3. continued financial provision! São Paulo is a more expensive place to live, and since the voltage is different there, we will have to purchase new appliances.  
If you feel led to partner with us by personally supporting us in prayer and financial help, give online by clicking the side bar!

Your prayer and support are making a HUGE difference!!!
much love,

Isaiah, Erin, Noah, and Bella

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Happy New Year from Brazil!

Praise God for what He is doing here in Fortaleza!  We have seen so many people giving their lives to Christ this year.  We are constantly hearing testimonies from our close friends and leadership team of family members being saved, new leaders being raised up, new cell groups opening and multiplying, and even new churches being planted!


Our Amazing Discipleship Team

We have seen miraculous growth in 2015.  We began the year with 91 cell groups under our supervision, and have reached 143 cells spread throughout the entire state of Ceará!


If you would like to help us continue our ministry here in Brazil, it’s not too late for a year-end, tax-deductible gift. Give a gift

We love you and are eternally grateful for your prayers and support!

Spreading the Gospel,

Isaiah, Erin, Noah, and Bella Huber

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We are moving!

spIn August of 2016 we will be moving to São Paulo!  Along with a group of over 300 missionaries, pastors, and volunteers, we are being sent to the heart and “epicenter” of all of Brazil.  This has been very carefully planned and thought out for many years, and the time has finally come for this epic church planting strategy to take place.  We believe São Paulo will be our focal point for raising up large teams of local missionaries to plant powerful missionary minded churches in all of the big cities of Brazil, and eventually the world. We’ve realized that if we focus our efforts and work together, we can reach many more people with the Gospel.  We are actually continuing a strategy, called “Acts in Action”, that has worked well in the past, for example, in the city of Boa Vista, after 5 years, it was already the largest local church in town.  Also, here in Fortaleza, after 9 years we have reached 8,500 members in the home church in the city, and 109 churches in our state of Ceará.


We are not looking forward to saying goodbye to all our disciples, cell groups, and leaders we have worked so hard to raise up, but we are excited for what God has in store for us São Paulo!
Please agree in faith with us for an increase in our financial support as the cost of living in São Paulo is much higher.  We are confident that God will provide for us in miraculous ways and are so grateful for your continued generosity!!  You are part of this!!


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Redemptive Lift

Here’s a quick story about a new member of our church plant. Two Sundays ago, as I gave the alter call, we were thrilled to see Evaneira coming back to Jesus. She has quite a rough history including drug use in the past. She currently lives in a mud shack along with a man who is waiting for surgery because of a hernia, and an eight month old baby boy. When I saw her mud hut I could hardly believe that was her home. We knew something had to be done! So the local church family has gotten together and has already started to build this little family a simple but new little brick house. Take a look at these pictures below!   Evaneira helping clear the lot

 Her current home that is falling apart, made of mud and sticks

We feel privileged to not only bring the Good News about Jesus to this city, but also help care for people’s physical needs!  


Isaiah, Erin, Noah, and Bella Huber

Let’s go farther together!!

If you feel that God would have you help us to help build this house for this family please let us know or simply click here to donate!

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God’s extravagant love for Brazil!

I really believe God has something very special planned for Brazil in the near future, and we feel so privileged to be part of His plan.

We arrived in Fortaleza just more than 5 years ago and have seen God open doors in miraculous ways.  We have worked hard and seen amazing growth; we know God is solely responsible and give all the glory to Him.

I’ve had a dream for while to start a new church plant or satellite campus in a certain low income neighborhood that is farther away from our main campus, making it difficult for people to attend much less bring friends and family in need of Christ. 

Keeping in mind that the lack of funds has been an issue, I began searching for a building that would cost us nothing!  What I found was the back yard of one of our members who graciously offered his own house as a church. 

We began meeting at his place 4 months ago with 40 people in attendance, open air, under the stars, hoping for no rain, and now there are about 80-90 people already!  We have seen many salvations and quite a few people miraculously healed including a young man who actually threw away his glasses because God healed his eyesight, and a 7 year old boy who was 70% deaf whose hearing has been COMPLETELY restored!

In the meantime, our other satellite campus is healthier than ever!  We assumed as pastors with roughly 80 people, and now there are more than 190!  Almost every week there is at least one cell group multiplying!  In our state, Ceará, we now are supervising 113 cell groups, we know that this is only the beginning! 


The man that was healed from poor eyesight at one of our satellite campuses praying for others.


Worship at our newest campus


A few weeks ago these 4 kids came up to Isaiah after the service and asked him to lead them in the prayer to accept Jesus into their hearts.


Bella and Noah, they are both in a really fun stage! Their favorite things to do are going to the beach, going on walks and wrestling with daddy!

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